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“Peterborough’s Top Escape Room”

As voted for by my Mum, my Girlfriend (fiancée, now!) and my Dog.

Angle Escape are proud to offer 6 full games, as well as a boxed experience, for you to choose from! Each are set within a certain theme and genre designed to give a satisfying challenge. All of our rooms are roughly similar difficulty levels – choose a story that stands out to you, or give us a call and we can advise!

All under 16 year old players will require an adult participant to supervise!

The Dino Disaster - Brand New!

Not sure where to start? This is a great choice!

This escape room is fully non-linear, kid friendly and perfect for beginners!
It’s also designed to give every group a full hour in the room regardless of experience, so good for pros, too!

No doubt you’ve heard the news about the recent chaos that happened at Dino Valley, the UK’s premier prehistoric attraction. Backed by the biochemical company Progeni, the park had been celebrated for its innovations in DNA reconstruction, giving birth to actual dinosaurs who roamed the many enclosures.

Unfortunately, in a completely unprecedented event, a security fault caused the enclosures to be opened, causing absolute chaos as staff and visitors panicked to escape the wild animals!

This happened many months ago and the dinosaurs now rule the island. However, the valuable DNA samples that were meant to be evacuated alongside the staff never arrived. We’re sending you to the R&D department to see if you can recover as many samples as you can. Be warned; we can only distract the dinosaurs for so long. Quickly gather as much as you can within the hour, unless you become lunch!


The Blade of the Father

Still not sure where to start? This is also a great choice!

This escape room is fully non-linear, wheelchair accessible and brightly lit – perfect for beginners!

Your father was a mighty raider – famous for his legendary exploits in foreign lands. He was never parted from his mighty axe, bringing fame and fortune to your family. Your father may now rest in Valhalla, but his legend lives on in you, his beloved child.

Recently having come of age and hungry to prove yourself, you prepare yourself and your warband for a mighty adventure across the sea – but the legendary blade of your father has been stolen by a jealous rival!

Craven foes are no match for you and your might! It’s time to reclaim your rightful blade! The longboats are loaded and leave at dawn. The Gods are surely with you and your father watches over you. It’s time to make your mark.

Forge your legend. Take back your Father’s axe, and steal everything else.


The Arcade

Probably haunted, but no jumps

Little Oliver and his mother had another loud, shouting argument, which was nothing new to their friends, family and neighbours. Oliver ran away from home again and was expected home before dinner, again. 

He never went back home.

Years have passed and his distraught mother has exploited every resource to find her missing son – the authorities have lost all interest and the friends and family have stopped sharing social media posts. Her last and only chance to find her son is you – his old friend from school.

You know he used to spend a lot of time in the local arcade – this arcade was purchased for redevelopment years ago, but the works were abruptly abandoned and the arcade sealed shut and left to rot. Nobody has been inside in years – people swear the place is haunted.

As a last ditch effort to follow in Oliver’s footsteps, you decide to poke around the arcade and see if he ever entered the arcade…

And if he ever left.

The Getaway

Atmospheric and ominous

You’ve not been on holiday in absolutely ages and have been loudly complaining about it to anyone who will listen, so when a strange letter arrives informing you you’ve won an all expenses paid mountain Getaway, you don’t question it!

You meet up with the organisers, who you’ve never met or spoken to, and head to a town you don’t know to climb the big mountain you don’t recognise. Don’t worry about it.

As you get to your 5 star Getaway (or, y’know, the dilapidated shack), the organisers suddenly realise they have totally forgotten to bring the games! And drinks! And… food! Happy accident! 

The organisers decide to head back to town and grab some supplies and are very insistent you stay put. They are VERY specific that you MUST stay for EXACTLY one hour, which is weird if you think about it, so let’s not think about it! Just sit back, and relax.

Everything is fine about this lovely mountain Getaway. There aren’t any evil cults trying to sacrifice you to a demon, you don’t need to leave in a hurry and there is absolutely no danger, whatsoever. Everything is fine, everything WILL be fine, and… everything is fine.

The Victim

Thematic but not scary

There’s a killer on the rampage.

Bodies are stacking up, and the police are dragging their feet. They’re not even convinced the killings are connected.

The killer is getting cocky – his crime scenes aren’t being discovered for weeks and the killer has taken to taunting those hunting them; after all, they’re not exactly close to being caught.

You and your team of vigilantes have been following the crimes with great interest, and you think you might have stumbled upon something of great importance – you have found the most recent crime scene… much earlier than the killer expected.

You have a unique chance to look through the undisturbed crime scene and maybe find a clue as to the killer’s next target.

You might be able to save a life tonight.

The Candy Shop

Eerie without the horror

This lovely old shopkeeper is less than sweet.

Children love the local candy shop and they love the friendly, warm, charming old lady who’s owned it forever. The village children all go in with pocket money and leave with pockets full of treats for the day. Occasionally one or two children don’t leave, but that’s probably not worth worrying about.

Some people warn that the shopkeeper isn’t quite right, but the odd mysteriously missing child isn’t exactly concrete evidence… is it?

You’ve decided to pop in for a quick visit, but the shop is surprisingly empty! You take it upon yourself to debunk the myth and prove beyond a doubt that the shop has nothing untoward about it – after all, the shopkeeper certainly wont mind you poking around her shop whilst she’s out.

Definitely not.

Zheng Sao's Pirate Escape Box

A shortened Escape Box Experience! 

This boxed experience is a shortened Escape experience lasting around 30-45 minutes! 

Priced at £30 per team – more players? Same price!


This experience is located in the Angle Gaming Lounge and is suitable for all ages! 

Zheng Sao, an 18th century pirate has locked her treasure in this chest – the box has been found and many have attempted to recover the medallion of Siam, to no avail. Will you be the team to match her wits, and steal her treasures?


Dare you dig through the contents of the feared Zheng Sao?


All of our rooms are priced at £25 per person. 

Our Escape Box experience is priced at £30 per team.

Opening Times

We are open 7 days a week, with slots available from 10am to 10pm.

Last Minute Bookings

Feel free to give us a call and see if we can squeeze you in at short notice! We might be able to help!

Getting to the Escape Room

We live here:

Angle Escape Room (Above the Angle Gaming Lounge)
939 Lincoln Road
First Floor

Please be aware – 4 rooms at Angle Escape are located up a flight of stairs! 
The Blade of the Father, The Arcade and the Pirate Escape Box are ground floor and wheelchair accessible!

If you are thinking of bringing a car, Morrison’s car park over the road offer free parking for up to 3 hours!

We have a free car park for Angle customers just off Paston Lane!

After 6pm, unrestricted on-street parking is available on Paston Lane.

Any questions, get in touch!


Angle Entertainment are the only UK Escape Room provider to have created an Escape Room for the Ministry of Defence. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Angle Entertainment are proud to be accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. We guarantee to pay our staff a real living wage.